Title of MemoDate Disseminated
Guidelines in the Distribution and Disposition of the Annual Quota of Inspector and Senior Inspector Ranks in BJMP2-Aug-13
Policy on Conjugal Visit2-May-12
Reassignment and Designation of BJMP Key Officers28-Dec-11
Implementing Guidelines of DILG Circular No. 2011-0713-Sep-11
A Resolution Replacing the Present General Office Attire (GOA) for Jail Commissioned Officers (lCOs) and National Executive Senior Jail Officer (NESJO)17-Jan-11
SOP on the Takeover of the Provincial and Sub-Provincial Jails and PNP Manned Jails7-Dec-10
Delegation of Authority – Interior Sector22-Sep-10
Delegation of Authority – Interior Sector1-Jun-10
Title of MemoDate Disseminated
Reiteration of Policy on the Use of Social Media25-Feb-14
Policy on the Status of Would-Be Retirees Three (3) Months Before Actual Retirees13-Mar-13
BJMP Policy on Tours Inside Jails4-May-12
BJMP Policy on Prohibition of Type of Photo, Video Audio Recording Device Equipment Inside Jails1-Jan-12
Policy Guidelines for BJMP Livelihood Projects28-Apr-11
Guidelines in the Conduct of Media Coverage During Jail Incidents and Crises Management Situations1-Feb-11
The BJMP Media Relations Policy6-Dec-10
Comelec Resolution 907020-Oct-10
Revised Standards on Food Service Management,
As Amended
Use of Force and Weapons13-Oct-10
Admission and Releasing of Inmates16-Sep-10
BJMP Ethical Standards16-Sep-10
Conduct of Body Searches on Jail Visitors16-Sep-10
Campaigning in BJMP Jails13-Sep-10
Policy on the Protection of Personnel’s Income by Increasing the Monthly Net Take Home Pay to Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00)24-May-10
Guidelines in the Conduct of Media Interview / Press Conference with Inmates22-Apr-10
Policy on Law Student Appearing as Counsel for Detainees15-Mar-10
Comprehensive Policy on Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Therapeutic Community Modality Training of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology17-Feb-10
Guidelines in the Selection, Disbursement, Accounting, Disposal of Funds Gained, Evaluation and Review of Livelihood Projects in the BJMP20-Feb-08